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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love & Understanding

My means of cmmunication were flawed
like sandpaper causing skin to bleed
by being direct, I become vague
Indirecly, I am misunderstood
As I march through the footsteps of unity
My ivory roses are passed like palms
where Jesus walked and spread joy
a week later walked over with a cross
dripping of his own blood

I am my own companion of doom
seeking a nightengale white savior
to redeem my journey
Love is the equalizer
but it must be negotiated
through careful speech and skillful

that each person must believe like a Bill Clinton handshake
and a remedial force
like John the Baptist
at the table of thine enemies
whom he could recompensate
and the hour grows dimmer over time
and a reputation was a sanctuary unbloomed
til one lone soul could light her fire.

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