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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pre Evolution

Comfort arises from sorrow
self comfort from familiarity of wounds
I have transcended your place of pain
and flints of arrowhead that embrace my flesh
I am beyond your dual time frame
and smiling faces in the beaten wind of sorrow
I am beside your inquisition
and choose not to answer
your intellectual probing
I am past my pain
and have removed your importance
You are no longer mine
to love, think about or cherish
You are a cookie cutter mom
in a geometric town
where all left turns equal a square
You reach out with chocolate chip care packages
and a mean game of Scrabble
You are not my friend
you are my transient enemy
You take sides
and protect your assets
You dropped Jesus in the chimney
and he came out with sackcloth
You did not offer him a washcloth
to decontaminate from his Mel Gibson lies
He slapped you in the face
and you had no response
You drove to your bridge game
on Cherry and 9th
and stole the Queen of hearts from the deck
while Mrs. Flushing knifed you with a jack.

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