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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Choosing to Live

i choose to live
though death hovers over me
and my fate is one quarter inch turn on the 405
I choose to live
and find momentous awakenings
and unintended surprises
that lighten my day
My schedule encapsules me
frozen with no elbow room
I skip on the asphalt
of pre destined time
breaking the chain of hindrance
and self indulged accomplishment
I chalk color a rainbow
on my blistering veins
of swelling, burial and insurrection
My destiny is to die, but also linger
and capture one painless breath
erase memory
and mourn freely
yet also forget
I do not dwell on him as he supposes
I ignore his memory
his image, like my day
are squelched intentionally
and I live for an unknown tomorrow
that I will plan to forget.

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